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 07989 253912 01159 752013 Brett_walker@hotmail.co.uk Est: 26 yrs.   fully insured Commercialwindowcleanersnottingham.co.uk We don't cut corners we clean them   

Brett Walker Window Cleaning - What our services include.

 We now use the lastest technology to clean your windows called the Pure Water Cleaning System.

The benefit of using this method is that leaves a spot free clean to the highest of standards. The other method

used is otherwise known as the 'Traditonal method' leaves a film on the glass, frames, sills and doors.

 We can now clean windows reaching up to the 6th floor as well as reaching those awkward windows above conservatiories  and velus windows. We clean houses, shops, pubs, resturants, hotels, schools, care homes and banks.

Interior window cleaning (Tradiotional Method)

We can offer our services inside your property for windows, large mirrors and doors. This can be weekly, bi-monthly or a monthly addition to the returning calls we make to your property. We are fully insured for £5million public liability as standard so you can have a worry free service.

 Property maintenance includes:

  • Windows
  • Gutters
  • Frames
  • Facias and soffits
  • Garage doors
  • Conservatory roofs
  • Solar pannels

We dont cut corners, we clean them! 

Can i work in the rain with the pure water system?

When cleaning windows with the pure water and it is left to dry naturally on the glass , when rain comes into contact with this water it serves to dilute the rain water. If an equal amount of rain water falls on the freshly washed glass then the tds meter will read 7 which is within the range of a spot free finish.

In short, yes youy can clean windowswith pure water in rain but not in torrential rain with satisfactory results. 

Many clients may be sceptical at first about the pure water system, however once they have seen it for themselves clients will have no problem with the system even when the weather condition is bad.

Can pure water systems clean heavily soild glass?

Pure water is known in the scientific world as a universal solvant. Virtually all substances with disolve in pure water given enough time. The greater amount of contaminants the more pure water will be required to remove them, but even the heaviest deposits can be removed effectivly with a little more time invested during the clean.

Heavily soiled glass covered with moss, thick dirt and birds mess is effectively removed when using pure water as this is the system we use at Brett Walker Window Cleaning.

After, the pure watersystem has been used on UPVC gutter

Brett Walker Window Cleaning takes pride in the finsihed results of UPVC frames, facias, soffits, sills, and conservatory roofs.



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